Top 8 Free (Legal) Music Download Sites


Are you tired of paying for every song that you download online? Well, you don’t have to fret no more because now you can download free music from MTV. The music station’s website offers tons of free music that you can download at zero costs. There is also no limit to the number of tunes that you can download. Just visit MTV.com’s downloads section and pick the songs you want from there.

The selection of free songs also cover every music genre. Whether you are looking for 70’s dance songs or the latest tunes from your favorite hip hop artists, MTV has you covered. In short, there are songs for everyone. Pop, hip hop, country, rock, RnB; whatever genre you have in mind, the site has a lot of free songs to offer from these genres.

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading free music from MTV now! Update the playlists in your music player without spending a single penny.



Jamendo is one of the quality free music downloading sites you can see in the internet. Jamendo allows users to interact with the artists if they are registered users of the website. It also allows viewers to stream and download songs even if they are not registered, plus! It is pure legal! You can also view reviews of the albums or the music you want to download before you do. You can also upload your own music and let the Jamendo community hear it.

Apart from this, Jamendo’s list of songs are very few and limited to only the main genres of music. This site does not classify which subgenre a song belongs.

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Amazon.com is an online shop that sells almost everything an online shopper is looking for. This website offers 18 million downloadable songs to choose from. It is also categorized per genre for easy access to songs. The download song also has a preview option so you can test the quality before you download the song

Amazon.com’s layout is a bit crowded and finding the free songs can be hard. You will have to pay $5 for you to download songs but these songs are limited to only those that are in the album you chose. If you want songs from different albums, you have to pay $0.89 to download song.

Last.FM - Free Music


Blast FM, unlike other downloading sites is rather an online site for a radio station that plays all types of Christian Music all over the world. They also offer panels that contain biblical phrases and lectures for you to hear out. These Christian songs are played on various players offered in the website depending on the listener’s preferences.

On the other hand, Blast FM is limited to only Christian music. Other kinds of music and genres are unavailable in this site. You cannot also download the songs that are played in here but you can play it in their provided players.

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ILike.com is a website for music lovers that enable them to have a glimpse of the music industry all over the world. It also features the activities of artists and testimonies of the listeners of the music all over the world so viewers can have an idea of what is going on in the music industry. You can also connect the website to your Itunes or media player so viewers can play the song right after it is downloaded.

This website is not for free music downloading. It only offers the viewers a preview of the song and they must buy it in Amazon.com or Itunes.


MP3.com is a free music downloading website that offers over a million downloadable songs. What’s good with this website is that it also gives you a free trivia of the music genre that you are searching for good music. If you are unsure of what to download songs, this site provides a panel that features music videos so you can actually experience the music video before you download song.

Like other downloading sites, you can upload your very own music just by registering in it. But MP3.com’s target users are only artists. MP3.com is affiliated with a radio station and their goal is to play and promote your music if a lot of the users listen and download songs you uploaded.


Purevolume.com offers a wide selection of downloadable songs. These songs are neatly arranged per genre as its category, and you can even search for the artist’s name if you don’t remember the title of the song you are looking for. Purevolume also offers an embedded code of the song so viewers can share their music selection to friends. They do not require viewers to sign up to download songs, they just put a link that viewers can click to automatically download the song that they have chosen.

But this site does not offer all downloadable songs for free. Some songs must be bought from iTunes or Amazon.com.


Stereogum is the ultimate free music downloading website for you Indie lovers! It offers a variety of downloadable Indie music. It is absolutely free. Viewers can register for free and enjoy the website’s offered privileges to its users. Stereogum also offers articles, videos, photos and other news about the Indie music and not just download Indie music off the website. Stereogum is also reachable to various social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

As what had been said, Stereogum is a website that is only for and contains Indie music and does not include other kinds of music apart from it.